Classes are a great way to learn new skills, make new friends, and form a great relationship with your dog while transforming them into a rewarding member of your family. We offer classes for all experience levels whether this is your first dog or you’re a top-tier competitor. There are courses for dogs of all breeds, backgrounds, and ages.

Most of our courses are 6 weeks long and cost $110. This helps us cover the cost of our building and utilities. All of our teachers are volunteer members of the club who have proven themselves to be excellent dog and handler trainers. Some of our classes are offered as drop-ins and these are $10 to attend a single class.

We do offer a discounted rate of $75 for a six week class for rescued or adopted dogs during their first class.

As you progress through any training path our instructors will offer guidance, advice, and encouragement. Dogs learn at different paces and have different attention spans and energy levels. It is not unusual to repeat a class, and you will definitely pick up things you missed the first time around!

Training Paths



The obedience path will help you and your dog form a bond like no other! Whether your dog is a puppy who is potty training and crate training or a master at competition, we have the skills and classes to help you get your dog love to obey and to earn many various titles. Dogs and handlers of all ages, sizes, and experience are welcome to come grow with us.




The agility path is full of fun and challenging classes that help you and your dog compete in the ring! This path is great for helping dogs and their owners grow their confidence, dependability, and bond.



Scent Work

The scent work path is a great way to help your dog use one of their most powerful, natural tools to compete, work their mind, and have a fantastic time. This path will challenge you and your dog in ways you’ve never thought of, while growing your bond exponentially as you and your dog learn to trust their nose.



Animal Therapy

Animal Therapy is a rewarding and challenging path that allows your animal to use their loving and compassionate nature to serve those most in need.




These classes don’t have a full path, but that doesn’t make them any less fun or demanding! Classes include conformation for show ring, tricks, and carting.