The agility path is full of fun and challenging classes that help you and your dog compete in the ring! This path is great for helping dogs and their owners grow their confidence, dependability, and bond. All NDTC classes require proof of current rabies vaccination for dogs age six months or older.


Beginning Agility

Dogs must be 1 year old and have completed Beginner Obedience class or be evaluated by the instructor prior to first class.

Dogs will be introduced to all agility equipment and learn to perform all obstacles. They will be exposed to the teeter and weaves poles but will not be required to perform efficiently within the first session. Students/handlers and dogs will learn the basic skills of Agility.

Advanced Beginner Agility

Dogs must be at least 1 year old. Dogs should have completed Beginning Agility.

Handlers and dogs will continue practicing obstacles learned in Beginner Agility class but the focus will alternate each week between weave poles and teeter to proficiency.

We will also work on body awareness, stretching (both handler and dog). Core strength, and balance, and communication between the handler and dog.


Intermediate Agility

Dogs must be over 1 year old. Handler/dog teams are ready to enroll in this class when:

  1. The dog can safely execute all obstacles off leash (except the teeter and weaves).

  2. The dog is able to work off leash in a noisy and distracting environment in which another dog is also working off leash in the vicinity and a conformation class is going on in the adjacent ring.

Agility skills are worked in depth to improve competence and confidence.

Students will work intensively on the teeter and weaves so that dogs understand what is required for performing those obstacles.

Students will be introduced to key handling techniques and will practice them on short sequences of obstacles: front cross, rear cross, blind cross, serpentine, pinwheel, send to tunnel.

Students will be given opportunities to practice their defined contact behavior (2O/2O, running) on the dogwalk and A-frame.

Wing jumps will be the primary type of jump used in sequences to encourage students to start handling with some lateral distance.

“Special” jumps will be included in sequences to familiarize dogs with those obstacles: double, triple, panel, broad jump

Advanced/Intermediate Agility

Dogs must be at least 1 year old. Must know most basic agility equipment (if your dog does not do a piece here or there, you can work around it in class)

This is not a beginner class and we will not be teaching dogs how to do any equipment

-Have an open mind and be willing to new things
-Use positive training methods

Foundation/relationship – Revisit relationship foundation to ensure your team (you and your dog) have a good working relationship including learn to trust your dog, better identify lines in courses to be more efficient, learn ways to motivate your dog (no matter what kind of drive they have) We will also perform conditioning training with your dog to get the dog used to a noisier environment more similar to trial and less like a quiet class.


Advanced Agility

Dogs must be at least 1 year old. Advanced class is for students that have completed Beginner and Intermediate agility class.

Teams need to be able to:

Demonstrate efficiency on all pieces of Agility Equipment.

Complete 6 and 12 weave poles.

Demonstrate a front cross, rear cross and a blind cross (team)

Teams will learn:

  • How to walk a course, memorize the course and then run the course with your dog.

  • Understand basic agility terms

  • Understand the rules and regulations of agility

  • Plan the best route for you and your dog to be able to complete the course or section of the course in the most efficient way for your team.

  • Have fun and motivate your dog’s interest and build drive.

  • Beginning distance work

  • Warm-up, stretch and cool-down your dog, also yourself — if needed.

  • Resolve problems that you may run into – all teams will have problems.

  • Good sportsmanship, agility etiquette and to not take yourself so seriously.

Agility Workshop

Dogs must be 1 year old and have completed Beginner Obedience class or be evaluated by the instructor prior to first class. 

This four week summer session is an introductory workshop offering a path to better understand your dog while building a stronger relationship. Basically anyone who feels the relationship with their dog is not quite as good as it could be will benefit from relationship-building games and management tools shared in this session. Our approach will be positive but not one with the dog making you a “treat push over.” The methods and activities are designed to build your bond while setting expectations for the dog and gaining more control and focus from them.