Obedience & Rally Trials

November 15 - 16, 2014

  • Judges: Anita Eisthen, Dr. Robert H Knight, Cathryn A Knight
  • Entry fees: $26 / $22
  • Closing Date: October 29 at 6 PM
Nashville Dog Training Club

Trial Secretary: Karen Booker
Trial Chair: Cheryl Tisdale
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Obedience Seminar with Julie Hill

January 3-4, 2015
Nashville Dog Training Club
Print the flyer here.
Contact Marina Caro for further information.

Obedience & Rally Trials

January 22-25, 2014
Williamson County AgExpo Park

Get the Jan 2015 Obedience Premium List here.

  • Indoors, heated, 4 Rings, Fully matted on concrete
  • Open to All-American Dogs listed in the AKC Canine Companion program
  • Judges: Randy Capsel, James J Ham, Patricia A Strong, Richard A Strong
  • Obedience entry fees: $28.00 first entry / $24.00 subsequent entry (same dog/same day - Rally fees separate)
  • Rally entry fees: $28.00 first entry / $24.00 subsequent entry (same dog/same day)
  • Closing Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 6 pm

Event Contact information:
Trial Chair:
Kay Ford
Trial Secretary:
Kellie Verrelli

Rally Cancellation
There will be no drop-in Rally class on November 6.
Obedience and Rally Premium
The November 15-16 Obedience and Rally Premium is on the Events page.
Competition Open and Utility
On Wednesdays, the drop-in Open and Utility classes are each scheduled for one ring from 7-9 PM. Facilitators will be available from 7-8PM for each class.
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